Application of RFID technology in retail industry

With the development of the Internet of Things, RFID has been used widely in logistics, retail, medical care, transportation and other fields as an important member.
Inventory management :
Inventory management mainly uses RFID readers to scan the goods in the warehouse to improve the efficiency of picking and taking inventory.
It also can improve inventory visibility to suppliers and provide delivery timely. Finally, it is connected with the in-store automatic replenishment system to replenish timely and optimize the inventory.
Through the cooperation of RFID tags and sensors, retailers can update the sales information of commodities in real time, monitor the quantity, location, and dynamics of commodities on the shelves, so as to make replenishment timely.
Customer management:
Customer management includes self-checkout and improving customers’ in-store shopping experience.
Safety management:
The main thing is the anti-theft of goods, followed by the use of RFID identification codes to replace the original passwords to control the use of IT equipment or the access rights of certain important departments.
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Post time: Aug-11-2020