Can security labels be faked?

Of course not. Not everyone can make security labels. Behind the security label is supported by a complex security label verification system, which requires professional technical maintenance and hardware server support.
If some printing factories do not have the technology and look for the agent of the security label company. If there are any after-sales problems that cannot be solved, the negative impact on the brand can even be fatal. The security label system that some companies set up at will is easy to be attacked by hackers. If the prompt of the genuine product is changed to the fake one, the consequences will be disastrous.
Moreover, the security label can only be verified once, and the security label becomes invalid immediately after inquiring. If you can query multiple times, then there is no point. All security codes are unique and irregular.
When making security labels, you must find a formal anti-counterfeiting technology company to customize, because a formal anti-counterfeiting company will require the company to provide relevant certificates and authorizations, and will cooperate after verification.
In the process of cooperation, some confidentiality agreements and other terms will be signed. Enterprises will get greater protection.

Post time: Aug-13-2020