How to choose UHF RFID electronic tags?

With the rapid development of the global economy, IoT applications have spread throughout people’s lives. RFID electronic tags which are used as information records have been seen widely in people’s life.
In this so many application, it is even more important to choose a correct RFID electronic tag. There are many types of RFID electronic tags, different materials, different sizes and different performances will affect the actual application of the project greatly. So,how to choose UHF RFID electronic tags?
Firstly,understand the real application of the project.
1. Determine the application environment of the project.
2. Determine the reading distance.
3. Determine the requirements for the size of the tag.
4. Determine the control of the cost of the tag.
5.Determine others special requirements, such as printing, high temperature resistance, flexibility, hole opening, tamper proof, etc.
Then, determine how to choose the correct UHF RFID electronic tag.
Based on the above, I hope to help you choose UHF RFID electronic tags more quickly in different application scenarios.

Post time: Aug-08-2020