The high frequency electronic tags and UHF electronic tags

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things technology, the application of electronic tags currently involves various fields.
There are differences between high frequency electronic tags and UHF electronic tags.
High-frequency tags are cheaper than UHF tags.It can save energy and have strong penetrating power to non-metallic objects. The working frequency is not restricted by radio frequency control. It is most suitable for objects with high water content, such as fruits.
UHF has a wide range of action and is the most advanced Internet of Things technology at present. It uses UHF electronic tag technology to transmit data at a fast speed.It can store a large amount of data and have a very high data transmission rate.
A large number of UHF electronic tags can be read within a time. However,they consume more energy and have weak penetration.They cannot have too much interference in the operation area.
The UHF electronic tags are suitable for monitoring items transported from the seaport to the warehouse.

Post time: Jul-28-2020