The use of RFID wristbands in hospitals

The patients use wrist identification bands.The nurse who receives the inpatients measures vital signs and prints their hands. The wrist identification bands are worn on the patient’s wrist according to their hospitalization number and used throughout the entire process from admission to discharge AND transfer.
When it is removed and replaced by a nurse, it cannot be pulled forcibly. It should be cut with scissors. The wristband includes the patient’s hospital number, name, gender, department and allergy history.
There are precautions for using the wrist strap.
The nurse should check carefully whether the content of the wristband is accurate, and then help the patient to wear the wrist identification belt on the wrist after confirming that it is correct.
Pay attention to the proper elasticity when wearing it, and it is better to fit the little finger to prevent the wrist strap from being too loose and falling off and too tight to cause strangulation.
Keep the wristband clean. If stains and blood are found, it should be cleaned and replaced in time. If the handwriting is not clear, it should be replaced in time.
When wearing a wrist band, inform the patient of its meaning and importance so that the patient can accept it.

Post time: Jul-25-2020