Types of UHF RFID tags

Do you know how RFID electronic tags are composed?
Mosaic is a combination of chip, antenna and film. Labels used on site sometimes need to encapsulate the inlays on paper, plastic and ceramics to print text, and stick the label with self-adhesive or other methods and fix it on the articles and packaging boxes.
UHF RFID electronic tags include INLAY,adhesive cards, anti-metal electronic tags, animal electronic tags, tag electronic tags, tire electronic tags and special-shaped electronic tags.
1. INLAY is a label that directly binds the chip and antenna together. It has low cost and thin material.The self-adhesive label is a layer of paper encapsulated on the surface of INLAY.
2. Encapsulate INLAY into PVC materials of different sizes to form a card that is easy to carry.
3. The anti-metal electronic label can be affixed to metal and bottles with liquid to ensure that the reading effect is not affected.
4. Animal electronic tags are specially used for animal management electronic tags, and the material general is PET and PVC.
5. The electronic tag is suitable for labels in the clothing industry, and the packaging material can be thick paper or PVC.
6. The tire electronic tag is a tag dedicated to tire management, and its packaging form is similar to a patch of tire stickers.
7. Special-shaped electronic tags are slightly different in size and packaging materials.They are used in some special application scenarios.

Post time: Aug-07-2020